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Gas film structure Gymnasium

Gas film structure Gymnasium

Air film Pavilion is a new, energy saving and environmental protection
gymnasium construction mode

exclusive patented technology, oblique mesh cable system.
A hurricane that resists67 meters per second and a snowpack of 250 kg / m 2.
The tensile strength E of the medium strength building membrane is equivalent to that of the building's outer key board.
Three levels of security, intelligent detection and control.
Tracking records show that more than 5,000 gas film columns are in good condition around the world.
*Save energy
saving air conditioning heating consumption is only 1 / 10-/ 4 of traditional buildings, with a total energy saving of more than 75 %.
Tidlar " PVF coated room membrane has the highest thermal reflectance ( SR ) and heat dissipation rate ( IE ), and is the best energy saving material recommended by the United States Green Building Council ( USGBC ).
Using R-PLUS patent insulation system.
Intelligent control of the normal operation of the gas film building by the PC automatically.
The central control system adjusts the internal pressure of the building according to the changes of the external wind and the internal environment.
Humanized design, fresh air, temperature, light and so on according to the internal use change to adjust.
All mechanical and electrical equipment integrated design, can realize the transportation control.
*Super span
Large span can easily achieve 12 meters of construction span, no internal space; any occlusions that are free to change.
Easy to dismantle, easy to move, sustainable recyclin.

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This unique patented steel cable system organically integrates steel cables and membranes. The load of the outer membrane is effectively transmitted to the cable system and evenly distributed to the foundation anchorage system to provide maximum stability against external wind and snow loads and to extend the life of the structure. Even in a hurricane environment with winds of up to 150 miles per hour ( 67 m / s ), the load on the membrane can be reduced to 6 pounds per square foot, while under the same conditions, the gas membrane structure of the non-reticular cable can be can cause the membrane itself to load more than 100 pounds per square foot, so that the membrane tear causes the entire film to collapse. The unique design structure of the ASAT diagonal mesh cable system has become the safest gas film construction in the gas film industry, and is the only gas film structure that can be used as a permanent building according to the American building code. The diagonal mesh steel cable structure, based on the actual external climatic conditions, enables the internal pressure to reach 1.5-3.0 inches of water column, resisting hurricanes 150 miles per hour ( 67 m / s ), fend off more than 50 pounds ( 250 kg / m ) of snow per square foot. Improve the stability of the building in the gale, reduce the load of the membrane material and extend the service life of the building to meet the international building standards and specifications
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